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“Make a game plan”

“Make a game plan”

Strategy is the determination of the basic long-term goals of an enterprise, and the adoption of courses of action and the allocation of resources necessary for carrying out these goals.

Strategic planning is one of the most challenging – and exciting – exercises an organization can undertake. Strategic planning allows an organization to make fundamental decisions or choices by taking a long-range view of what it hopes to accomplish and how it will do so. A strategic plan is built on a thorough analysis of the organization’s existing structure, governance, staff, program or service mix, collaborations, and resources. This analysis is vital because it allows an organization to perceive which of its above aspects it must change in order to achieve its goals. Strategy execution is the other half of success, and this is where even the best strategies fail.


STRATEGY TRAINING : To develop a wider and comprehensive understanding

ALIGNMENT : Facilitation to develop a strategy using an ideation process

IMPLEMENTATION : Determine the levels of implementation


Professionals accountable for finding new avenues, developing strategies to tackle competition, entrepreneurs/managers seeking to launch new products/services. Additionally, people from start-ups and new ventures will find this program beneficial.

Leaders across industries and fields such as marketing, consulting, business development, new product development, technology, research, entrepreneurship, and general management.

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