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Man is a social animal, and we interact with other human beings constantly, whether for work or pleasure. Our social habits reflect our behaviour and influence how we are perceived by our colleagues, friends, family and society at large. Humans have evolved codes of conduct, behaviour and habits which have become norms of society. Whenever we refer to a society as developed, we essentially refer to the social cultures. Etiquette describes these behaviour patterns that earn us the right to belong to a social group. The developed world has established expected behaviours and that can be as simple as forming a queue or respecting other individuals. Finer aspects of behaviour are also expected in social groups, such as behaviours during a meeting, or while partaking a meal.

Shakespeare famously said “Clothes make a man”. What he implied was that a person gets accepted by a social group by the way they dress. We in India are now increasingly a part of the global theater and our interactions with people of other communities has increased dramatically. In order for us to understand the expected norms of social behaviours and habits, the training on etiquettes is useful. This covers several aspects from dining skills, dressing for success, communicational skills, etc. and the nuances once understood and appreciated, helps us be at par in any group.


PROFESSIONAL REPRESENTATION, CONDUCT AND ATTRIBUTES : Explore how appearance, attitude and behaviour has significant impacts on employability

IDENTIFY WORKPLACE ETIQUETTE IN COMMUNICATIONS, BEHAVIOUR AND PRACTICE : Essential workplace communication tips and soft skills for working efficiently and professionally.

REFLECT ON THE SOCIAL RULES : Evaluate the principles of professional and social communication


Everyone. Professional etiquette and social savvy are critical skills for individuals & employees at all levels.

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