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“Moving away from traditional command-and-control practices”

“Moving away from traditional command-and-control practices”

Coaching is a structured process to unlock the potential in individuals, thus contributing to enhanced performance. Each of us normally remain in our comfort zones and due to which the untapped potential largely remains untapped. Coaching is the process of increasing the awareness within the individual of the limits they have set themselves onto themselves. This combined with the person’s own aspirations can be a powerful motivator for change within the person, who takes charge of self-development, in order to deliver at a greater potential. Sir John Whitmore’s GROW model is one of the most utilized models in coaching globally.

The training does help to clarify the self-limiting beliefs within persons and that gives the direction for the change process. Coaching involves conversations between a coach and trainee and is different from mentoring, which is merely an exchange of one’s own knowledge and experiences to the mentee, whereby the mentee can be developed up to the extent of the mentor, whereas the coaching process takes the coachee far beyond the skills of the coach.


STYLES OF COACHING : Understand different styles of effective coaching

THE GROW MODEL : Goal, Reality, Options, Will

THE LEADER AS COACH : A one on one mentoring and coaching to leadership team.


For both beginners and senior members.

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